about me


I’m a Certified Fitness and Wellness Life Coach for people who want to transform their bodies, minds and their lives!

I suffered from body image issues for years until I finally took control of my health and happiness and started educating myself on fitness and nutrition. I became a Personal Trainer in 2010 and competed in my first bikini contest 2009. After years of being in the fitness industry and around professional “athletes” in the professional wrestling industry, I realized that a lot of those people were very unhealthy mentally and physically. 

Putting Health and Wellness first, I am a lifelong natural athlete and stayed away from performance enhancer drugs and anabolic steroids. 

Seeing how unhealthy the fitness industry was I was determined to help people, especially women discover true health and nutrition without obsessing over fad diets and counting calories. 

Being personally affected by depression after losing my brother made me an advocate for the de-stigmatization of mental illness and promotion of investing in self care and all around wellness. 

I worked in the mental health field and coached individuals diagnosed with various mental illnesses achieve their goals and manage their symptoms. 

It is my true passion to help people improve their lives and learn to love and take care of themselves on a deeper level. I believe that everything starts with the mind and nothing can be accomplished without the right mindset. 

Like a lot of women, I spent years with body image problems and low self esteem. I went from wanting to gain weight and binge eating all the time, to wanting to lose weight and restricting myself and even developing eating disorders. I was constentley obsessed with food in one way or another. 

Until I finally had enough and took control over my health and happiness. I started learning about nutrition and fittness at a very early age, before there was ever such thing as instagram or youtube tutorials. I had to learn myself I read anything I could get my hands on.

I started developing healthy food habits and working out to build a healthy body that I could love. 

I finally had built the confidence I always lacked. I was so confident, I decided to compete in my first bikini contest. I decided to chase my “childhood dream” of becoming a professional wrestler.

While diving deep into the fitness industry and “professional athlete” industry, I noticed a pattern of men and women using anabolic steroids and performance enhancer drugs.

Women using drugs to gain muscle and compete in these bikini competitions and in turn destroying their bodies.

Diets so strict and RIDICULOUS that women were developing eating disorders and obsession with working out. 

I could not believe how unhealthy the “fitness” industry was. I was determined to help men and women discover true health and take care of their bodies and their minds.

After finally making the decision to leave the toxic professional wrestling world behind I started working in the mental health field. I had recovered from depression after losing my brother in 2016 and wanted to help other individuals improve their lives. After working with multiple individuals with various diagnosis I found a passion to help others on a even greater scale. I started working with SHAME FREE, a foundation dedicated to the de-stigmatization of mental illness. I believe that everyone should be able to speak about their struggles and seek professional help without any worry of judgment or labeling. 

After being a certified mental health professional and becoming a certified life coach I was determined to help as many people as I can to find the freedom and inner peace needed to live a fulfilling and thriving life.